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Cobourg Office:  1-833-222-0232
Bowmanville Office:  905-697-9200

Water Trucks, Street Sweepers & Flusher Truck Services

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Water Truck Services

  • Potable¬†water supply,
  • Dust control,
  • Supplying water to construction companies for dust control road compaction, directional and geothermal drilling,
  • Flushing roads, parking lots, walkways and sidewalks,
  • Watering roads in open pit mines and construction sites to maintain dust control,
  • We also have a water cannon on our flusher truck,
  • We can water sod, trees and more from up to 250 feet away,
  • We are able to clean walls sides of buildings bridges or any other hard to reach place,
  • Filling swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, cisterns, wells, skating rinks and more.

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CARDAN Water Trucks Help With Tire Testing At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park:

Street Sweepers & Flushers

  • Our qualified street sweeper and flushing operators will keep the road on your job site neat and clean.
  • We use water in our street sweepers to ensure we keep dust levels to a minimum.
  • We also sweep and flush parking lots and any other large asphalt surfaces.
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