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Hydrovac Services

Hydro Vac Truck

CC Hydro Vac Truck Image

  • Daylighting,
  • Base Curb Cleaning,
  • Manhole & Asphalt Cleaning,
  • Water Box Replacement/Repairs,
  • Main Line Valve Box Replacement,
  • Temporary Hydro Pole Excavation,
  • Culvert Cleanouts,
  • Rain water litre Excavation,
  • Setting of junction boxes,
  • Fire hydrant extensions,
  • Removal of silt from ponds,
  • Hydro excavation of porches and garages,
  • Construction site clean-up,
  • Straw removal using hydro vac unit.
  • Sewer and catch basin cleaning
  • Excavation of frozen ground.

Vactor 2115 Truck:

We also have smaller Vac Trucks that cause less damage to lawns:

CC Vac Truck