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Bulk Excavation


As a leader in the construction industry for Durham, Clarington and Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Cardan Excavation offers a wide range of Bulk Excavation services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We have the expertise, experience, resources and equipment to meet your project’s needs. Our fleet of equipment includes top-of- the-line loaders, excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks. We can execute complete earthworks, foundation, demolition, and condominium/housing scopes of work.


Our Bulk Excavation Services include:

  • deep foundation
  • engineered fill
  • high rises
  • condos
  • underground parking lots
  • sediment control
  • earthworks
  • handling  of impacted soils
  • grading & site preparation
  • deep excavation
  • clearing & grubbing
  • site remediation for clean and non-hazardous soils
  • backfilling and compaction
  • water table and soil analysis
  • erosion control
  • slope stabilization
  • trucking of various materials


Cardan Excavation’s experienced staff will make it their mission to maximize efficiency and minimize cost to our customers. Each project has its own unique challenges; therefore, all excavation jobs start with a careful analysis of the site to ensure proper preparation and equipment is put into service.


We can handle your site preparation including:

  • planning,
  • design estimating
  • scope coordination
  • constructability reviews
  • scheduling
  • system and material options analysis
  • value analysis (engineering)
  • sustainable material and method analysis
  • construction services


Cardan Excavation provides cost-effective environmental solutions to our clients, specializing in soil remediation, haulage, recycling and disposal services. If you require a solution to deal with excess soil from construction and land development, or contaminated non-hazardous soil from a remediation project, Cardan Excavation has the answer.


Our Environmental Services include:

  • Remediation of contaminated soils
  • Soil excavation and haulage
  • Beneficial re-use of excess soils
  • Treatment and processing of contaminated soils
  • Transfer and recycling of materials
  • Soil disposal at licensed landfill disposal facilities
  • In-situ soil remediation
  • Ex-situ soil remediation
  • Ground water remediation and treatment


Cardan Excavation is committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality while meeting the most demanding deadlines. Our onsite supervisory staff, machine operators and truck drivers will provide your project with excellent service while maintaining an environmentally responsible workplace. Cardan Excavation will also ensure that health and safety is a top priority.


Why Cardan Excavation?


  • Experienced & skilled staff
  • Modern, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Proven track-record with many years of service
  • High safety standards