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About Us


CARDAN Contracting provides experienced Skilled Labourers, Certified Heavy Equipment Operators, Handymen and After Sales Servicemen who can perform all Handyman tasks as well as all 30-day, 1 year, and 2 year warranty items.

Experienced Labour Services

The following is list of services that CARDAN'S Experienced Labourers can provide::

  • Straw on soil in winter before digging if necessary,
  • Clean after foundation form crew,
  • Hold water box straight for back fill,
  • Fill porches up with bobcat to help speed up process,
  • Clean streets three times daily if required,
  • Stake out water boxes with metal stakes 4 ft. high with snow fences around them so delivery vehicles do not damage them, which cuts down on repair and saves site money,
  • Grade twice a week to keep site looking neat,
  • Clean after framers and fix deficiencies before inspection,
  • Clean straw out of basements, supers request shortly after framing for concrete and drain crew,
  • Clean house after framing crew for plumbing crew,
  • Clean after electricians for heating and ductwork crew,
  • Clean after ductwork crew for insulation crew,
  • Clean after insulation crew for drywall crew. Inspect for deficiencies,
  • Clean after drywall crew for plaster crew,
  • Clean after plaster crew for sand and screw company,
  • Clean after sand and screw company for painters,
  • Clean after painters for trim company. Inspect for deficiencies,
  • Clean after trim company for rail installers,
  • Scrape floors, sweep under baseboards,
  • Clean entire house,
  • Clean for ceramic tile company,
  • Clean after ceramic tile company for kitchen installers,
  • Clean entire house for carpet installers,
  • Clean entire house for P.D.I. Inspect for deficiencies,
  • Install patio slabs for P.D.I. front and back.

Construction Site Clerk Services

CARDAN Contracting provides on-site clerical services to ensure the timely processing of purchase orders. Other services provided by the On Site Clerk include:

  • Schedule & organize trades for various stages of new home construction,
  • Prepare Purchase Orders, Issue Requests for Quotes and Authorize Completions,
  • Customer liaison between homeowners and site super,
  • Process extras to contract,
  • Maintain Customer Service files,
  • Liaise between various parties of interest, such as: Homeowners, Builders, Engineers and Townships,
  • Provide the necessary support to the Site Super when they are unavailable and/or away.

Our Construction Site Clerks are also the "Perfect" replacements your regular staff vacations, maternity leaves, sick leaves, leave of absences or additional help during your 30-Day, Year-End and 2nd.Year warranty appointment scheduling.

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